An Internet apocalypse is no time to be rational.

The Internet suddenly disappears. Now a systems analyst from a dying newspaper, a clueless gamer and two hipsters are all that stand in the way of anarchy in this comical adventure.





San Francisco Book Review

"Enjoy the outrageous characters and outlandish scenario!"

InD'tale Magazine

"Laughter will abound amongst the readers while they mourn reality, as this is a scenario that could easily play out in the near future."


Pat Nelson

Life can only be so exciting when you work for a newspaper of all places. Pat is a Systems Analyst who used to do contract work for the government before settling down in the Boston suburbs with his family. Each day he doesn't murder his boss is another small victory.

Micki Nelson

Aspiring author and impulsive seventeen year old hipster, Micki’s existence is wrapped up in the web. She probably consumes more coffee than she should which she regularly gets for free from her barista friend, Tim.

Tim Dyson

While he is a skilled barista who could make a world class cappuccino with his eyes closed, the most excitement Tim ever sees is enduring the feral children in his Sunday School class.

Cliff Funston

The thirty two year old man-child has about as much charisma as a tuna sandwich left out in the sun. Cliff wanders the post-Internet landscape in search of purpose, frequently incurring the wrath of those he encounters.


Church is a highly charismatic and cultish figure who brings together those desperate to resurrect the Internet. His true intentions remain known only to himself.


John Paul Parrot, when not endowed with the Power Cosmic and condemning worlds to destruction, is chief columnist at  He works as a Systems Analyst and guarantees that if a techno-destroying virus were to ever fall into his hands, he would unleash it upon humanity without a second thought.